CME manufactures and packages chemicals and materials including
polyurethane grouts and epoxies for protecting and restoring concrete
structures.  Only the finest materials and supplies are provided in order to
insure success for our customers in repairing concrete.
Your source for concrete crack repair and basement
waterproofing materials.   Specializing in the
manufacturing of polyurethane grouts, urethanes,
epoxies, and concrete crack injection equipment.
Basements are built into the ground and will almost always experience
water intrusion some time in the life of the structure.  CME provides
urethanes, epoxies, sump pumps,battery backup pumps, and  many other
products and equipment for repairing and protecting basements against
the elements.  Our products are the best in the industry and we provide
training and technical support  resulting in satisfied many customers.  
Technical assistance is job #1 because of is important basement repairs
are diagnosed and repaired properly otherwise results will only be

waterproofing contractor or you are a waterproofing contractor looking to
expand the line of concrete repair products you offer.
Crack Injection For Walls

  •        Removable port adhesive and surface seals setting in 30
  •        Urethanes and epoxies for injections
  •         Full line of equipment and accessories for concrete crack
    repair and basement waterproofing

  •        Full depth and permanent repair of floor cracks without a lot    
    of surface preparation
  •        Essential step to repairing floor cracks before applying        
    overlays of coatings to prevent re cracking of the concrete slab
  •        Same day repairs...sets up in 10 minutes in order to
    minimize downtime on critical facilities       
Battery Backup Systems

  •        Battery Backup Systems with an array of choices from
    economical units to the most comprehensive protection available
  •        Clear check valves, switches, and more
  •        Only contractor grade Battery Backup Systems offered in
    order to provide true flood protection
concrete crack repair, roadware, concrete mender
Concrete Crack Injection
The most complete and innovative product line in the
basement waterproofing industry!
High Pressure Injection Grout Pump
Concrete Crack Injection Kit
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