• Everseal 6000 is  a professional injection pump
    for dispensing urethane grouts under high
    pressure using metal injection packers.
  • Light weight and easy to handle for small to
    medium size jobs.  It is excellent for concrete
    crack injection using urethane.  This injection
    pump will save you time and money.
  • Even working pressure and uniform delivery are
    ensured by using an electric drill coupled directly
    to the injection pump.  The Everseal 6000
    contains very few mixing parts so maintenance
    and dependability is excellent.
  • 3500 PSI injection pressure can be generated in
    as little as 3 seconds.  Urethane grout is
    dispensed quickly and easily making for fast
    concrete crack injection
  • Easy maintenance is another advantage to the
    Everseal 6000.  No special training needed and
    parts are easily replaced should the need arise.
  • Low cost makes for a great investment with at a
    very minimal outlay.
  • Easy clean up
  • Training available
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Everseal HP6000 Drill Driven High Pressure Injection Machine

Product Type        Dual Component
Application        Two Part Cartridge
* Capacity
* 600 ml.

Mix Ratio        2:1 - 600ml. x 300ml. (Pre-Configured Arrangement)
Mechanical Advantage         26:1
Support Discs - Secure and Accurate Cartridge Fit
Wear Compensating Device
Case Hardened Cast Steel Catch Plate
High Viscosity Materials
All Component Replaceable Parts
Cox 300X Manual Gun
High Pressure Injection Grout Pump
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