Crawl Space Barrier System is a high
system migration from the soil and helps
guard against mold, radon gas, methane
gas, heat loss, wood rot, and overall

  • Light bright storage space is made available for your
    valuables which will not be damaged by moisture

  • Prevent the growth of mold and mildew preventing
    unpleasant odors throughout the house

  • Protect your homes framing from high levels of moisture
    which will destroy the very foundation of your homes framing
Crawl Space Barrier System encapsulates the entire crawl space not your home.  We do this
using a white, 16-mil, triple ply, extrusion coated, virgin polyethylene membrane.  

It is manufactured using high-density fibers yielding the highest strength to weight ratio, tensile
strength, tear resistance, bursting strength and puncture resistance of any product produced of
it's kind.    

What this means for you is a long lasting durable solution to your crawlspace problem.  Crawl
Space Barrier System is white in color providing a diagram below for an overview.
Crawlspace Liner
Crawlspace Barrier System
Concrete Solutions For Basement Waterproofing
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