CME manufacturing recommends using carbon fiber strapping to repair
and ultimately stabilize bowed basement walls.  Call us and we can
recommend a per qualified and certified installer from anywhere in the
country  to provide a no obligation quote for your home's basement.

Residential concrete reinforcement Reinforcing bowed basement
Commercial Foundation Commercial Foundation & Concrete
Bridge Structural Integrity
Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete

Our product line and their applications are ever-expanding as
the construction industry, both commercial and residential,
realize the tremendous advantages and utilities of the Carbon
Fiber Systems in foundation repair and concrete repair
technologies. The industry has come to learn that there is no
limit to the use of Carbon Fiber Systems and our Carbon-Fiber
Kevlar cloth in combination with our unique application systems.

Carbon Fiber Systems have been used for everything from
foundation repair, concrete crack repair, concrete
reinforcement, bowed basement and foundation walls,
reinforcing concrete in roads and bridges, restoring the
structural integrity of commercial buildings, both post and
per-construction, and even stabilizing mine shafts. Look through
our case studies and you will likely find an example of your
individual problem and concern.

Whether it is a major or simple repair, reinforcing an existing
structure, decorative concrete, or any situation in which the
structural integrity of concrete needs to be reinforced,
maintained, or restored, Carbon Fiber has the long-lasting

The only limit to the Carbon Fiber Systems is your imagination. If
you have a concrete structural integrity issue, Contact Us
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